A break up is imminent


Dear c,

After a 9 month whirlwind of mammogram, ultrasounds, biopsies, surgeries, heart scan, bone scan, chemotherapy, radiation, uncertainty, fear and exhaustion I am cutting you loose after my last dose of radiation on Friday.   I am giving you more notice than you gave me, btw.  You’re welcome.

Obviously this relationship was doomed to fail from the beginning.  I never even respected you enough to call you by your favorite title.. “the Big C”. You’re nothing but a little c to me.

I’m over you.  I’m not taking your calls. Oh sure, our mutual friends at the Cancer Center will want to get together periodically and reminisce about our relationship.  I’ll humor them. It’s the least I can do after how hard they fought to get me away from you. Eventually they will grow bored and our visits will be fewer and further between until you will be nothing but a footnote in my book of life.

So long, c. It’s not me, it’s you.



  1. Tracey · August 15, 2012

    Hysterical. Exactly how I feel about it.


  2. rachaelsladylumps · August 15, 2012

    I absolutely love this post! So happy for you and that Friday will be your last day of treatment!


  3. lawyermomfashionista · August 15, 2012

    I love you.


  4. jlpaddock · August 15, 2012

    Love this! A toast to your new freedom. 🙂


    • mainelyhopeful · August 15, 2012

      And to you too. It really does go by fast (in hindsight anyway) Cheers!


  5. The Blue Folder · August 15, 2012

    Very clever! So happy for you, may you soar to new limits.


  6. Susan · August 15, 2012

    Great Post, congrats on your final radiation!!!!!!


  7. decisionsformyfamily · August 15, 2012

    Great post Congratulations!!


  8. Lynne (Patricia) Milton · August 15, 2012

    Congratulations – you won!!! You beat the crap out of that little c. I am so proud and happy for you. Your nightmare is coming to an end.


  9. hopeforheather · August 15, 2012

    I second and third and fourth all the comments here! Love it! PLUS…love the new blog layout. 🙂 CONGRATS.


  10. cynthsblog · August 15, 2012

    And good riddance!! Now you can look forward to the rest of your life, a new life free from all that nastiness. Put it all behind you. It doesn’t deserve another minute of your time. Here’s wishing you lots of love and laughter to make up for what you have been through and help you to forget. X


  11. judiththomasberg · August 16, 2012

    LOL… wish the bitch would leave me alone too 😉 But I’ll boot her out soon enough, I’ll just follow your example. So happy for you!!!!!


    • mainelyhopeful · August 16, 2012

      It will come faster than you think possible. Good luck with the remainder of your treatments.


  12. Facing Cancer (@cancer2gether) · August 17, 2012

    Almost done treatment – that’s awesome! Cheer for you and your break up with c.


  13. altatwood · August 18, 2012

    So, so, so happy for you!!! 🙂


  14. notso buddha · August 18, 2012

    🙂 Congratulations! I’m happy to hear this relationship is over for you!


  15. The Presents of Presence · August 19, 2012

    Beautifully said! Sooo very happy for you! xoxo


  16. denialrocky · August 29, 2012

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  18. lightscanceraction · September 24, 2012

    Love it! I’m borrowing this shamelessly when I get there!


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