All My Heirs.

A more apt title would be All My Heirs Hairs. That would be a great name for a soap, no?  We all know that many types of chemo cause hair loss. Some cause partial hair loss, some cause complete hair loss (as in everywhere). So, it’s not unexpected. It’s not even all that terrible once you allow yourself to accept it. It’s even kind of fun experimenting with different looks. I thought I would be sad when my eyebrows went, but there are enough of them hanging on that I can fill in with a pencil.  My eyelashes are thinning quite a bit too, but makeup helps.  All in all, the reality has not been as bad as the anticipation, and that has been pretty much the case in all aspects of this journey with cancer.  But some losses I just wasn’t prepared for. I wasn’t warned about it. I joked about it months ago, not thinking it would really happen, but it has and it’s terrible.  Really, really awful!

Of all the hairs I have loved and lost the ones I miss the most are my nose hairs.  Drip.. drip…

Seriously. Someone should have mentioned it.



  1. Misifusa · February 23, 2012

    I forgot about nose hairs! I lost everything completely…I wasn’t prepared for eyelash loss! Isn’t it great that you can nap and not have ‘bed head’ when you go out b/c you’re wearing a wig? 🙂 Ahh…the precious little things that are fun and funny…


  2. lawyermomfashionistal · February 23, 2012

    You make me smile.


  3. Carina · February 24, 2012

    Haha. This is my second warning. I still have nose hair. I hope I can keep them.


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  5. Candida Abrahamson PhD · February 24, 2012

    Sorry ’bout those nose hairs, my dear–but a wonderful piece.


  6. glimpsejoy · February 27, 2012

    OMGosh! I can so identify! The nose hairs and the eyelashes were the absolute worst for me. The constant dripping of the nose was horrible!

    One day hubby and I took a drive in our little convertible…spring was in full force and I was going to enjoy the wind in my half-inch long hair (a few months post-chemo!) I never knew how important eyelashes were until that day! Wind really hurts without eyelashes! 🙂


  7. playfulpups · March 3, 2012

    You have such a great true to life outlook- You inspire me!


  8. It's Just About The Hair! · March 31, 2012

    It’s so true about the nose hair!
    I was doing well until I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes … still am missing those!
    Great post 🙂


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