Monday’s musings and meanderings

Made it through the haze once again.  Each treatment of AC has been so different as far as side effects that I never really got a handle on how I would feel on any given day, though I thought I faked it pretty well (humor me). This weekend wasn’t great. Wasn’t horrible. It just was.  So now I’m done with the “big guns” as far as chemo and have the next two glorious weeks ahead of me before I learn what round 2 will be like.   Today I have big plans that include minimal housework, a real dinner (cooked by moi) and not spending any time at all on the couch or recliner where I basically took root all weekend.  I should tackle the taxes but I don’t wanna.  And no one can make me :). Not today anyway.  Tomorrow I’m outta here, even if all I manage is a trip to the post office and grocery store, but for today I’m content to be upright. I got lots of Daisy love over the weekend and have to share. Thanks girls ❤