Making friends with Monday

I have never been a great fan of Mondays. Who is?  On one hand it’s the beginning of a new week. A fresh start. Well technically Sunday is the first day of the week, but don’t most of us consider Sunday the end of the weekend and so, by default, the end of the week? As a kid, Monday was the first day back at school after total freedom. As an adult, first day back at work after some relaxation, getting caught up on chores, etc.  And when I didn’t work, or worked at home, it was laundry day to add insult to injury!  Wednesday is a good day. It’s the middle of the week “hump day”. And if you get through Wednesday,  by Thursday the weekend is in sight again. Friday’s rule!  Saturday and Sunday, unless you work weekends, are when all the fun happens. Weddings are almost always on a weekend.  Parties too!  We alternately work and play on Saturday and relax on Sunday.  For many Sunday is a day of worship.  And then back to Monday.  You may have noted I made no mention of Tuesday. What’s Tuesday besides the day after Monday and the day before hump day, which is the unofficial countdown to the weekend?  For the next three months beginning tomorrow they will be known as Taxol Tuesdays to me and depending how that goes I may forever hate them.  So.  It’s time to make friends with Monday.   On Mondays I will get everything squared away for the week in case I need a few down days later. I will spend as much time outside as I can, see a movie or read a good book, get the errands caught up and yes.. do the laundry and hang it outside in the sunshine and cool, fresh air.  Monday night I will sleep like a baby in those line dried sheets and get up Tuesday morning ready for round 2 in the battle against cancer.  Okay.. maybe I will come to love Tuesdays. It could happen.