The Big C

Just finished season 2 last night. Anyone else watch?  I love the show, but it’s not terribly realistic.  For that matter neither is Breaking Bad, which is next on my list. Without giving away too many spoilers.. has anyone undergoing cancer treatment ended up socializing with their oncologist? Been told the only way to know if the chemo was working was by the severity of side effects?  Been asked to speak to a roomful of residents and told them all off? Attended their own funeral?  Run a 26 mile marathon after only 2 days of training while your blood counts are in the toilet?  Started manufacturing meth?  I feel like such a slacker and I’ve only got a little c.  I need to reexamine my life and do something really big. Or not.

On my own cancer front, I’m about halfway through radiation with only some slight pinking (pinkening?)  of the skin on my side.  I was told to put aloe on the “area of radiation”. I was not, however, told how large this area would be. That would have been good information to have from the beginning.  The area I have been treating all along is fine.  All in all, that’s my only complaint and it’s a minor one.  I missed a week of treatments and then the tech who I had been seeing daily was on vacation for a week. When she came to take me back on Monday she walked right past me and then returned a few moments  later for me. It took me a few minutes to realize she hadn’t seen me without a wig or wrap.  I’ve retired them for good.  And my eyebrows! They literally came in overnight. That was kind of weird. I have eyelashes again too. Little stubby ones, but nice and thick and full.  A return to normal, or at least a new normal.