Wait. I’m supposed to know this shit?

I have been looking at my husband’s pickup truck sitting in it’s usual spot, unmoved for 6 weeks now.  I can’t drive it. I don’t want to drive it. It’s doing no one any good just sitting there and I said from the start I wanted to sell it.  But I kept putting it off. Today I grabbed my camera and the keys, gathered all the information I needed and placed an ad on craigslist.  I was very thorough, mentioning the mileage, work it needed, any features I could think of and within minutes I got an actual inquiry in my inbox.  “What is the engine”? Engine? I’m pretty sure it has one. I don’t want to look.  What if I find a large hamster wheel under the hood?   I’m not ready to deal with all of this. Shit.





  1. Jackie · July 16, 2013

    I laughed at this. Just respond that it has an engine that runs.


  2. John Jones · July 16, 2013

    If you need assistance with finding out what size engine, let me know. I can take a look, Sue.


  3. floridaborne · July 16, 2013

    If someone wants to know about the engine, they can come take a look at it. 🙂


  4. rachaelsladylumps · July 16, 2013

    Tell them to google the make and model of the truck and figure it out! On a side note….you should take a new pic w/the license plate not showing. They can easily track your personal information (name, home address, etc) with the license plate. I want to keep you safe so I can keep reading your posts! 🙂


    • mainelyhopeful · July 16, 2013

      Thank you! Duh 🙂


    • Jackie · July 16, 2013

      Omigosh! That’s so true! All you need is some Craig’s list loon coming and knocking on your door.


  5. Laura Renegar · July 17, 2013

    You are one brave woman! A truck on Craig’s List? I listed some stuff on there last week and along with interested people buying crap I get a bunch of scary s%x ads and emails and comments…please protect yourself from the lunatics out there….LOVE your blog !


  6. theempathyqueen · July 22, 2013

    it seems like you have some wonderful people looking out for you. Take all the help that you can. Some of these things just make my eyes glaze over too at the best of times.


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