Riddle me this?

How do you fight racism when your president condones it?

How do you fight religious intolerance when your president condones it?

How do you watch families torn apart through involuntary repatriation and then sleep at night in your own safe home?

How do you raise your daughters and keep them safe in a time when boys and men are emboldened by their president to be vulgar predators?

How do you raise your sons to be good men who respect women in this day and age?

How do you help the people who are literally dying in the streets when your government denies benefits to the very people who need it the most?

How do you continue to fight cancer when your president takes away your health insurance with the slash of a pen?

How do you respect people who wanted this?

I’m not super political. I have opinions like anyone else. I’ve been happy with election results, disappointed with them, outraged, amused, disgusted, but my life has pretty much always gone on as usual regardless of the shenanigans in Washington or even here in my own state which has been led by Trump-lite for the past ?5 years (Gawd it seems longer). But I’m having a hard time with this one.  I don’t think I’ve slept 2 hours in the past 3 nights.  Maybe it’s because I see the suffering up close and personal every day. I’m well aware that there are good hearted people on both sides of the political aisle.  And hey, who doesn’t throw a few presents at the homeless and underprivileged this time of year to feel good about themselves?  Or drop off their discarded belongings that are still “good enough” for someone who has nothing, after all?  Maybe you pledge a few dollars out of your check every pay period for local charities. Good for you.  How you vote, who you put in office, carries much more weight than all of that.

I’ll get past this sick feeling. I’ll either have insurance or not after the first of the year. I’ll either continue treatment or not. I’m fortunate. I can work. I’ll add a third job if need be or sell my home. I’ve wanted to downsize anyway.   But this isn’t about me. Or you. This is about the millions of people who don’t have a home to sell, the ability to work a second or third job or the wherewith all to fight for themselves in a country that is marginalizing them a little bit more every day.  With your blessing.

Sleep tight, America




  1. YAPCaB · November 12, 2016

    This really has got you riled up! I sadly can understand why. Do as I do. Count on the houses of congress to hold him in check. It wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually impeach him if he doesn’t straighten up.


    • Elyse · November 12, 2016

      Sigh. I live in the D.C. area. I know the folks in Congress. They tried to contain Trump during the campaign. The only thing Trump actually has is backbone. There aren’t enough vertebrae in the House and Senate combined to reach high enough to kiss Trump”s ass.

      We are screwed.

      The only way we survived is by people helping people. The GOP doesn’t believe in such things.


      • YAPCaB · November 12, 2016

        You make some valid points. I’m now as depressed as you are.

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        • Elyse · November 12, 2016

          Sorry. It means though that we all need to pay attention. Be kind to each other and stop the hate that they spew.

          And vote. In every election. In every position.

          I’m a democrat, but I believe that a two party system works best. But the GOP has lost its mind. They need to lose their offices as well.


          • YAPCaB · November 12, 2016

            I’m a die hard republican, but I agree with you, they’ve lost their mind. I long for the days when the party bosses decided on the candidates. Then the president would be either Bernie or Jeb, both far superior choices.


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