Shameless laziness

This is the weekend following my third infusion of the AC part of my treatment. As before, I haven’t had any terrible side effects but I am exhausted. Bone tired.  I know I would have energy if I attempted to actually do something, but I feel like just giving into it, so I am. I am ignoring my little business, other than answering emails and packaging up orders. No new listings, no sales.  I am ignoring the piles of tax receipts (really.. would the IRS come down on a CANCER patient if I’m late this year?) and trying to decide if any of my cancer related expenses are legitimate write offs.  Yep..back on ignore.  I should bundle up and get outside. I should exercise. I should clean, cook or organize something. I know I would feel better and probably sleep better if I did.  Instead I will play a few more games of pogo yahtzee, cruise the message boards, catch up on the blogs that I follow and if I get really ambitious, shower and change into a clean pair of pajamas.  This afternoon I will curl up under a quilt and watch the remainder of season one of Shameless with William H. Macy. This is a Showtime series about a raging alcoholic and his offspring.  He will do anything for a drink or a fast buck. In one episode he thought he had testicular cancer and shows up at a breast cancer support group, where all the women were bald.  It  was hilarious, as is much of the show. Even when it should be uncomfortable or sad it manages to be funny.  At least to me and my exhausted/chemo addled brain.   One more day of mindless, Shameless, inactivity and then I’m going to show some ambition. Or not.  I should probably work in a nap at some point…



  1. Jill Weaver · February 12, 2012

    I am ashamed to say I love! Shameless!! You have the right idea.


  2. lawyermomfashionista · February 12, 2012

    You nap, girl! ❤


  3. bornbyariver · February 12, 2012

    AC is no walk in the park. Kudos for making it this far through your treatment!


  4. Carina · February 13, 2012

    They sound good to me, especially the nap.


  5. suzeq740 · February 13, 2012

    You be good to yourself and rest if you need to! No shame in that 🙂
    We all need some time what my ex husband used to call a ” sad day” ( its when he wanted me to stay home from work with him and goof off. So, GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!


  6. ally288 · February 13, 2012

    Thinking of you! Love and miss you!


  7. Patricia Ouellette · February 16, 2012

    Yay for you!!! I love lazy days..but sadly i’ve been a lazy mood lately. There’s always so much to do and do little I want to do. So if I were you I’m sure I would never get anything done!


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