Here’s your sign.

I decided to take a year off from my annual Pinktober “pink is a color not a cure” rant and talk politics. However, my givashit is broken again.   I was going to complain about the overabundance of political signage marring the beautiful landscape of a New England autumn, but apparently my givashit is not the only one broken.  I have counted three signs on my country road just weeks before a Presidential election. Three.  All for Trump. Not one Clinton sign. Now, before Trump fans start crowing, let me repeat. THREE signs for Trump on miles and miles of country road that is usually loaded with signs.  I started taking note of the lack of commitment in other parts of my community as well and I’m struck by how few people are proclaiming loyalty to either candidate this year.   Now, if you go by Facebook and Twitter, people have very strong opinions. Either that or we’ve all been hacked.  In person, you get a wary shrug and a haunted “we’re all fucked anyway, what does it matter?” look.  On one hand we have a rich, white, misogynistic, anti immigrant pig. On the other hand we have a rich, white, establishment politician married to a misogynistic pig.  Whoever wins is bringing so much baggage I’m not sure there is enough room at the White House for all of it.   I want to be With Her, because I am a life long Democrat.   I will probably vote for her because the alternative scares the bejeesuz out of me but I can’t say I’m ready to post signs and bumper stickers all over my property proclaiming my commitment to a Clinton/Kaine ticket.  Of course, I blame the GOP for this.  Seventeen candidates and this is the choice you give us?  Pull yourselves together. It used to be fun to beat you at the polls. Now it’s just embarrassing.  We are about to make history by electing the first woman for President and it already feels pretty anti-climatic. Disappointing really.  Hardly a fair fight at all. Wait.  You did that on purpose, didn’t you? Well played, GOP, well played…

Oh. I promised you a sign, didn’t I?


Sorry.. couldn’t resist.  Here’s a mini rant. No cancer is fun, pretty,  whimsical or easy. Simply put, it sucks. It’s hard, painful and scary as hell.  Bedecking yourself in pink ribbons is not going to make a bit of difference in the outcome of your treatment. It will, however, make many corporations very rich.  Ask yourself how much of those dollars are going into cancer research. Think before you pink.  That is all.



  1. lightscanceraction · October 9, 2016

    Oh, I’ve missed your writing! 🙂 Actually, I AM for Her. For many reasons. The reason I won’t hang a sign… I’m worried about having my house vandalized. I think that goes either side. People are crazy this election and I don’t need to invite crazy to my house. Sad that’s how we have to think these days. Only a month to go…
    In terms of pinktober… I’m totally borrowing this cartoon!
    Hope you are well! xo

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  2. Tina Levy · October 9, 2016

    well done!

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  3. Susan · October 9, 2016

    To be honest, glad I am Canadian.

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    • mainelyhopeful · October 9, 2016

      You know.. my family is from Canada. I should reach out to some long lost cousins. Just in case…


  4. Elyse · October 9, 2016

    I’ve missed you!

    I normally want to rant about the signs too — there should be a limit to the amount of time we have to put up with them — and size limitations. Here in the greater-DC area folk put up GINORMOUS signs and it is really in-your-face obnoxious.

    I’m with you on the breast cancer stuff — and all the ribbons-instead-of-caring things folks do. Especially Susan G Koman. Ugh.

    Donate $5 instead of getting a ribbon, folks! It ads up to help for diseases instead of, as you pointed out Susan, corporate profits.


  5. YAPCaB · October 9, 2016

    I’m with you on this election. I’m a life long republican. This will be the first election I’ve ever voted for a democrat for president. Trump is just too scary.

    November is “my” month for prostate cancer. It’s called Movember and men are supposed to grow a mustache to raise awareness and cure prostate cancer. Really??? Who comes up with this bullshit and what does it say about our society that it catches on..,


    • mainelyhopeful · October 9, 2016

      In solidarity with you I will not be growing a mustache this November. Glad to see you. I hope you’re doing well


      • YAPCaB · October 9, 2016

        My last PSA readout was stable, that’s about the best I can ask for. And our house in Jacksonville Florida had no damage from the hurricane!

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