Snatched bald

Literally.  So disregard my previous post about screwing with their stats by keeping my hair. Chemo won this round.  After yet another night of feeling the pillow and my head fairly obsessively I decided to vigorously brush to help things along.  I got an impressive amount of hair but now my scalp felt tender. So I started “gently” pulling out handfuls. I looked like a plucked chicken.  I considered leaving the down as cushioning under my wig, but I needed to even things off. After a quick trim I thought what the hell and took the electric razor to it.  The good news is my head is not horribly misshapen like I have long suspected.  The stubble is minimal and I read a lint roller can take care of that.  I am rocking the Sinead O’Connor!

Looking ahead to spring though.. after this round of chemo I start another that will mean weekly treatments, so basically no recovery time in between. I was thinking at least I can sit out on my deck with a book or putter in the garden when I feel up to it. But no.. with this one (Taxol) I need to stay out of the sun. Completely. Lovely.  After a winter in Maine I’m white. Blindingly so. I am also now bald. Spring 2012 will find me rocking the Powder. Anyone know where I can get some blue shades?