A new attitude

After my first treatment I kind of went into self preservation mode where I rested most of the day waiting for side effects to hit me. When they did, about 4 days in, I was so “weak” from basically doing nothing that I think they were worse than they might have been. The side effects only lasted less than 2 days but it was nearly another full week before I had any energy at all. I was really wiped.  The doctors tell me to do whatever I did last time because I’m doing great medically, but I think I can do better. This time around I am remaining active until my body tells me to rest.  I’ve been up for hours at the computer, will do a small work out soon and putter around the house. If I’m tired later I will throw in a video, but try not to sleep the day away.  The last time my husband was on vacation and my girls were here on break from school so I literally didn’t have to lift a finger. This time around I am feeling more independent and let’s face it, if there is no one to hear you, what’s the point in whining? The dogs are adept at ignoring me.

And my life is ridiculous moment of the day….  I just spent an hour grooming my head with a lint roller.