My wig is choking me!

Had breakfast with a friend today who I hadn’t seen since before my diagnosis.  We’ve spoken often, just not face to face.  I wore a new wig for the first time and omg.. I wanted to snatch it off my head the whole time. This is where I should mention that I have a perfectly lovely wig that was given to me free of charge through the American Cancer Society. It was fit when I had a full head of hair and I loved it so much that I went to the site of the maker of it and ordered a second one in a different, shorter style.  I have worn the free one twice and the new one one time.   Btw.. the American Cancer Society also sponsors the Look Good Feel Better workshop that I will be attending on Monday.  I will probably not be wearing a wig to that.

So anyway, my friend said the wig looked great. Very natural. So why did I feel like some animal had landed on my head and nested?  I visited with my mom for a while and the first thing I did was take it off. I reluctantly put it back on when I made a trip to the grocery store.    When I was cashing out a woman I have known for probably 25 years said “I love your hair!” *snort*  and came over to touch it (who does that?).    I just said “thank you” and wondered to myself what she would say if I blurted out it was a wig.  After I loaded up my bags I got in my car and immediately took it off and put on a soft cap I had with me.  It never occurred to me that someone might see me and I don’t really care if anyone did.  So why can’t I bring myself to leave the house without it, other than for medical appointments? Should I really care about other people’s discomfort if I look like a cancer patient?  Something to ponder.