My dance card is filling up again.

So much for time off for good behavior!  Yesterday I had my port removed exactly one week after my last infusion. Apparently, that’s not the norm judging from the comments from the nurses and docs. Fortunately my oncologist was on board and agreed there was no reason to keep it any longer.  Today I meet with Radiation Oncology to set up the next course of treatment. I don’t think I get measured and tattooed today but I’m prepared just in case.  Afterwards we’ll do a little shopping. It’s a rainy day so no need to rush home. Next Monday I meet with the genetics counselor.  We haven’t made any travel plans for this summer since we don’t know exactly when my 6 weeks of radiation will start, but we are going to Boston for a weekend to visit our daughter and see Springsteen. Image That should be fun and I’m pretty sure I’ll be done with all of my cancer nonsense by then.   Speaking of nonsense, did you know they don’t recommend regular screening? Or at least not for me. No PET or CT scan.  So does that mean I never get to officially say I am cancer free?  hmmm.. not sure how I feel about that.  I’m going to address it again at my next follow up.  I’ve been pretty passive and agreeable so far. That could  change on a dime. 

Besides having cancer full time for the last 8 months we have been doing all the normal every day household stuff and are in the process of redoing our bathroom. They start next Tuesday!  Image  That’s what I see in my mind.. that will not be the reality, but I’m pretty happy with what we’ve chosen and it’s nice to have a project.  While planning this out all winter we acquired an antique clawfoot tub from the old family home.  It is a monster, weighs a ton!  We were planning to have it refinished but then decided to just go with a nice deep soaking tub Image.  There is nothing I love better than a nice long soak with bubbles and a book (which is why I will never fully commit to my Kindle).  Now we are faced with what to do with the tub in the garage. I’m thinking maybe filling it with flowers next year! Image

Back to getting tattooed.  I am pretty sure my port scar is permanent, having been cut twice in the same spot, so I’m thinking that would be a great place for a tattoo. How about this?  Image It’s the Chinese symbol for survivor. Whatever I end up with, it won’t be a pink ribbon!



  1. eddiesandcurrents · June 13, 2012

    Good for you in getting the port out so soon. I’m hoping to get mine out in the next month or so. And I got the same thing about no scans/screening. I’ll just see a doc every three months. Since I’m the one who found the lump, I suppose that’s okay. I’ll know if something is wrong, but I have an “all-clear” feeling about that. That this is it, no more cancer. I hope your radiation treatments go smoothly. I like the idea of the Chinese symbol tattoo. No pink ribbons for me, either!


    • mainelyhopeful · June 13, 2012

      I’m glad you have that feeling. I sort of do too. Not 100% there though 🙂


  2. Lori · June 13, 2012

    Good luck w/ the rad onc today! And the shopping…

    As for follow-up, I think its a crap shoot. My doc went in the opposite direction – a couple of scans a year. Erring on the side of caution? Because I was young at mt 1st diagnosis? Who knows. But since I took comfort in “knowing” it worked for me.

    Oh, and no port scar but plenty of others and mulling over a tat myself.


    • mainelyhopeful · June 13, 2012

      I would rather err on the side of caution. I skipped my mammo this year based on the new guidelines and look at me now!


  3. rachturner · June 13, 2012

    Yay for getting your port removed!!!! I LOVE the chinese tattoo for survivor – that would be a GREAT choice for a tattoo because YOU ARE A SURVIVOR! 🙂


  4. Lori · June 13, 2012

    Great news and love the tattoo idea. 🙂


  5. Susan · June 13, 2012

    Wonderful post! Hope you enjoy Springsteen as much as I am looking forward to seeing Neil Diamond. We are so fortunate. Same thing with me, no real closure but I am pretty content that things are going better for me as I see they are for you. The tat is awesome, it will look magnificent!!


  6. Off My Chest · June 27, 2012

    I just found out about the tattoo thing… I think we should be able to pick what we want!!! I like your idea with the Chinese characters….


    • mainelyhopeful · June 27, 2012

      The tattoos are tiny little freckles but they play connect the dots with permanent marker at each treatment. That’s fun.


      • Off My Chest · June 28, 2012

        Well, I want tiny little stars or something. I have enough freckles…lol


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