Round two today

My mother is picking me up shortly for the 30 minute trip (in the snow) to the cancer center.  This is round two of sixteen.  I feel much better going in. Last time around was two days after Christmas. I was exhausted, nutritionally a hot mess and scared of the unkown.  Still, everything went fine and I expect the same today. I’ve been eating better and trying to exercise every day. I had a good work out this morning, got my house in order and my orders out for my small ebay business.  I feel strong and optimistic. Bring it chemo.



  1. suzeq740 · January 17, 2012

    Glad I finally read your posts. I can relate 🙂 I have twisted sense of humor also. Loving the exercise thing. Perhaps you can teach me how to blog, I love yours… never heard of a blog til I watched movie Julie and julia. Why wont they say the word.??? Its infuriating.. like your a little on the slow side and dont know the implication. I wanted to just say…. duh. Not sure I know how to follow… but would like to… think we can be chemo buddies 🙂 I dont have kids.. but I have crazy dog.. and my other half aint all there either.


  2. Dooze · January 17, 2012

    You’re gonna kick chemos ass! Love & prayers from Omaha 🙂


  3. rachturner · January 17, 2012

    You got this! Just said a prayer for you to have a smooth experience with this round of chemo.


  4. lawyermomfashionistal · January 17, 2012


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