Today is perfect kite flying weather


Or as I nearly found out.. wig flying weather!    I often joke about my wig flying off on a windy day but today was the first time it was a real possibility! The weather has been unseasonably warm the last couple of days, in the high 80’s. Too warm for March!  Today is a more seasonable.. 65 with bright sunshine and high winds.  Love it!  Windows wide open and cool air blowing winter and all of it’s accompanying germs right out of here!   On the cancer front, it’s too soon to have a handle on the Taxol effects.  With AC I kind of gave myself the better part of a week to rest up and had 2 good weeks each round.  My taste buds would be out of whack for the first week too, but again.. I had two good weeks.  I was hoping I would only have one down day with the smaller, weekly dose of Taxol.  I was able to rest Wednesday and felt pretty good, just a little tired.  Started out with lots of energy yesterday but by noon was dragging, achy, sweaty and nauseous.   The hot wind blowing through the house didn’t help, it just felt strange and unsettling. Today’s colder air feels awesome. It’s actually invigorating.   My taste buds are seriously impaired right now and my mouth is super dry.  Lunch out and a shopping trip left me feeling nauseous and exhausted.  I hate taking anti nausea meds.. they knock me out.. so instead I’m sipping on cancer causing caramel colored soda and it’s helping.  Go figure.  I’ll be venturing out into the wind soon to see if any of my laundry remains on the line or if it ended up on the neighbor’s roof.    I’ll leave my wig in here where it’s safe.



  1. eddiesandcurrents · March 23, 2012

    I’m sorry for the side effects but am glad you’re enjoying today’s weather.


    • mainelyhopeful · March 23, 2012

      Thanks 🙂 They are really very minor in the grand scheme of things. Isn’t it funny how just a change in routine or being outside in the sun and fresh air can make everything seem more manageable?


  2. Cancer Warrior · March 23, 2012

    Hi…..I signed up ages ago to follow your blog, and it says that I am following, but the posts do not come to my mailbox. has any one else experienced this problem? I enjoy your posts and would really like to have them delivered.
    Cancer Warrior


    • mainelyhopeful · March 23, 2012

      I’m not sure. I just sign in here and click on “blogs I follow”. I don’t get email notifications at all.


  3. Shine4Him · March 23, 2012

    Hi! I just saw your comment on my blog and thought I would pay you a visit as well! 🙂

    It’s so nice to see you have a good attitude about everything – that is one of the most important things. Keep it up!

    Also, I didn’t see how long you’ve been dealing with chemo or anything. But just an encouragement… my aunt lost her taste buds and hair twice, and they both came back just fine. So no worries there, it’s just a temporary thing.

    Have a great day!


  4. Susan · March 24, 2012

    I have a guilty pleasure I have once in a while for that dry mouth. I am sure you are familiar with it. An Ice Cap!!!!!! Yum!


  5. Misifusa · March 29, 2012

    Keep FLYING high! Soar like the beautiful angel you are and please accept my heartfelt message below! xo
    Please click below to see YOU highlighted in my latest post ~ and nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Congrats for being so wonderful!


  6. Elizabet Pooler · January 17, 2013

    kite flying has been my hobby and past time ever since last year, it is really a great past time.”


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