The magic of ordinary days

This morning it looked like a fairyland outside. We had rain yesterday, along with snow and some sleet. This morning the trees were covered with ice and the sun was shining.

Too nice to stay put, so we went out for lunch (I had a gloriously greasy burger and fries without the usual side of guilt), did some shopping then went to see Liam Neeson’s latest movie, The Grey. It was awesome! Go see it!

Finally a trip to the book store where I cleaned house! I got 9 hardcovers and the most expensive thing was the tote I bought to carry them home in.

For the whole day I didn’t once think about cancer or treatments and I even managed to forget I was wearing a wig.  I should do this more often and there is no reason not to. Working at home has always been a bit isolating and even more so now.  Right after my treatments, even though I feel well most of the time, I don’t have to be anywhere and it seems prudent not to expose myself to the germy public in the days immediately following an infusion if I don’t have to.  Before I know it, a week has gone by and I haven’t left the house at all.  Then I have to force myself to.  I’m going to stop being so cautious and get out there more. If I get sick, I get sick.  Six months is too long to play hermit.

Today’s giggle:  I must have been on automatic pilot when I got ready to go out today.  I stepped out of the shower and saw that I had plugged in my curling iron.  I should put that away for now, along with the hairspray and gel.



  1. ameliaclaire92 · January 28, 2012

    Amazing picture of the frozen berries on the tree! 🙂


  2. lawyermomfashionistal · January 29, 2012

    really beautiful pic, Susan!


  3. Misifusa · January 29, 2012

    Yes 6 months is too long to play hermit…I love that you were able to forget for awhile. It gets easier ~ I promise. Great pic by the way! 🙂


  4. Herdy · January 29, 2012

    I’ve been feeling exactly the same…determined that life will go on no matter what the next 6 months brings…just started a writing course to give me something positive to focus on. Love your picture too xx


  5. prettygirllost · January 29, 2012

    Your picture is so beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your “normal” day. 🙂


  6. eddiesandcurrents · January 29, 2012

    A toast to ordinary days!


  7. suzeq740 · January 29, 2012

    LOL, I had to laugh when I saw the thing about the curling iron! Not at you, just glad I’m not the only one who does stuff like that. I still, when I get out of the shower reach for my “volumizing gel”. Ahem, I have like almost no hair left, theres not enough volumizer in the world.! Glad you had a good day today 🙂


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